400K Autumn Festival 2017

€400,000 Autumn Festival

€400,000 Autumn Festival

Starting Sunday 29th of September 2017 there is a whopping €400,000 guaranteed with our newest MTT festival, including a huge €100,000 guaranteed main event!

There are 40 tournaments to choose from with buy-in's ranging from €10 to €200 so whatever your bankroll we have you covered.

So if you like your MTT's with low buy-in's and big guarantees BoyleSports Poker is the place to be, download the poker client below.

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We also have Festival satellite tournaments starting from just €1 so you can win huge prizes for even less.

Plus, get involved in the €10,000 Autumn Festival Missions by playing any €5 Autumn Festival satellite tournament between 29th September to 8th October and win even more satellite tickets.

And... you can also earn free spins on any Batman slot every day by playing our selected tournaments giving you the chance to earn even more! All of our Batman games are in the casino area and can be found under the featured tab.

Main Event Schedule

DateDayTime (UK)Tournament NameTotal Buy-inTypeFree Spins
29/09/2017Friday19:00Festival#1 €10,000 Gtd€10.00Rebuy
29/09/2017Friday19:30Festival#2 €20,000 Gtd€50.00Freezeout MEx410 Free Spins
29/09/2017Friday20:00Festival#3 €5,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout REx2
29/09/2017Friday21:00Festival#4 €2,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout Turbo REx2
30/09/2017Saturday19:00Festival#5 €7,500 Gtd€10.00Freezeout MEx45 Free Spins
30/09/2017Saturday19:30Festival#6 €5,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout REx2
30/09/2017Saturday20:00Festival#7 €3,000 Gtd€10.00Rebuy
30/09/2017Saturday21:00Festival#8 €1,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout Turbo REx2
01/10/2017Sunday18:30Festival#9 €50,000 Gtd€50.00Freezeout MEx410 Free Spins
01/10/2017Sunday19:00Festival#10 €10,000 Gtd€20.00Rebuy
01/10/2017Sunday19:30Festival#11 €10,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout MEx4
01/10/2017Sunday21:00Festival#12 €1,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout Turbo REx2
02/10/2017Monday19:00Festival#13 €5,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout REx2
02/10/2017Monday19:30Festival#14 €10,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout MEx4
02/10/2017Monday20:30Festival#15 €20,000 Gtd€200.00Freezeout MEx410 Free Spins
02/10/2017Monday21:00Festival#16 €2,000 Gtd€10.00Rebuy Turbo
03/10/2017Tuesday19:00Festival#17 €5,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout MEx45 Free Spins
03/10/2017Tuesday19:30Festival#18 €5,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout REx2
03/10/2017Tuesday20:00Festival#19 €7,500 Gtd€100.00Freezeout REx2
03/10/2017Tuesday21:00Festival#20 €1,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout Turbo REx2
04/10/2017Wednesday19:00Festival#21 €5,000 Gtd€20.00Rebuy
04/10/2017Wednesday19:30Festival#22 €10,000 Gtd€50.00Freezeout MEx410 Free Spins
04/10/2017Wednesday20:00Festival#23 €3,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout REx2
04/10/2017Wednesday21:00Festival#24 €1,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout Turbo REx2
05/10/2017Thursday19:00Festival#25 €5,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout REx25 Free Spins
05/10/2017Thursday19:30Festival#26 €5,000 Gtd€20.00Rebuy
05/10/2017Thursday20:00Festival#27 €7,500 Gtd€100.00Freezeout REx2
05/10/2017Thursday21:00Festival#28 €3,000 Gtd€50.00Freezeout Turbo REx2
06/10/2017Friday19:00Festival#29 €10,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout MEx4
06/10/2017Friday19:30Festival#30 €20,000 Gtd€50.00Freezeout MEx410 Free Spins
06/10/2017Friday20:00Festival#31 €5,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout REx2
06/10/2017Friday21:00Festival#32 €2,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout REx2
07/10/2017Saturday19:00Festival#33 €5,000 Gtd€10.00Rebuy
07/10/2017Saturday19:30Festival#34 €5,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout MEx4
07/10/2017Saturday20:00Festival#35 €10,000 Gtd€100.00Freezeout REx210 Free Spins
07/10/2017Saturday21:00Festival#36 €1,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout Turbo REx2
08/10/2017Sunday18:30Festival#37 €100,000 Gtd€100.00Freezeout MEx410 Free Spins
08/10/2017Sunday19:00Festival#38 €10,000 Gtd€10.00Freezeout MEx4
08/10/2017Sunday19:30Festival#39 €15,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout MEx4
08/10/2017Sunday21:00Festival#40 €2,000 Gtd€20.00Freezeout Turbo REx2

Terms & Conditions

  • Open to all players over the age of 18. Free spin offers available to only VIP levels 1-4.
  • Some Festival main events may replace similar regular network tournaments on the date of each main event.
  • Each tournament is subject to minimum and maximum player requirements.
  • Free spins issued for playing particular tournaments are subject to 20 times wagering.
  • Free spins elibible only on the following games: Batman and Mr Freeze Fortune, Batman and the Batgirl Bonanza, Batman and the Riddler Riches, Batman and Catwoman Cash, Batman and the Penguin Prize and Batman and the Joker Jewels.
  • Satellites will award tickets which can only be used in Festival related tournaments whilst the promotion is in progress.
  • Autumn Festival freeroll tickets will be issued to players that participate in a Festival satellite tournament with a €5 min buy-in.
  • Autumn Festival freerolls are an all-in tournament with no gameplay.
  • Autumn Festival freerolls payout tickets for the Autumn Festival events.
  • Maximum amount of Autumn Festival tickets that can be won is 1 a day.
  • €10,000 Autumn Festival runs from 29th September until 8th October 2017.
  • All Autumn Festival tournaments are subject to maximum and minimum player requirements.
  • BoyleSports Poker reserves the right to exclude players that participate in the promotion with multiple accounts.
  • BoyleSports Poker reserves the right to disqualify players if it reasonably suspects that collusion or other abusive strategies takes place. Players must comply with the eligibility requirements of these terms and conditions. BoyleSports Poker reserves the right to withhold any prize won by anyone whom BoyleSports Poker is aware or have reasonable grounds to believe is ineligible.
  • BoyleSports Poker reserves the right to withdraw the availability of this offer to any player or group of players.
  • BoyleSports Poker reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time, without notice and it is your responsibility to check here for changes and updates.
  • Participants must be 18 years of age or over. Employees, any family members of employees, of BoyleSports Poker and its affiliate companies, their agents or those of their respective group companies may not take part in this promotion.
  • Standard BoyleSports Poker Terms & Conditions apply
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