Security And Integrity

Security and Integrity

Security and Integrity

Client security is of paramount importance to all of us at BoyleSports Poker.

As a result, BoyleSports Poker has invested heavily in the latest technologies available and implemented extremely detailed procedures, to ensure all our customers' details are both safe and secure. BoyleSports Poker recognise that all client information must be maintained in a secure environment at all costs. All BoyleSports Poker customers' details are stored securely and will not, under any circumstances, be divulged to any third party.

Customer Transactions

BoyleSports Poker wants to ensure all our customers, that they can use their bank cards in total comfort in our Poker Room, or on our Sportsbook. All bank cards details are stored in our dedicated servers, protected by the latest firewall systems. Realex Payment Systems, market leaders in the provision of payment applications and infrastructure, provide us with our payment gateway solution.


BoyleSports Poker is committed to ensuring that players do not engage in fraudulent activity while playing in the BoyleSports Poker Room. It is in the interest of BoyleSports Poker - and indeed the wider playing public - that fraudulent monies do not surface in the poker environment. Consequently, BoyleSports Poker has implemented an extremely stringent deposit and withdrawal system.

BoyleSports Poker reserve the right to suspend a player's account, should they determine that the player has been involved in fraudulent activity. This decision is at the sole discretion of the BoyleSports Poker Room management team.

Fraudulent activity includes but not restricted to play in a collusive manner and the use of bots to make decision or actions at the tables.

Customers should feel free to forward any concerns that they may have about fellow players' potential fraudulent activity.

Recovered player funds

Where we are able to establish players have suffered financial loss as a result of collusive or fraudulent activities we will endeavour to compensate players pro rata, based on the amount of funds recovered.


Playing online poker is safe and BoyleSports Poker has made every effort to ensure that this holds true. However, on rare occasions players may try to share information with a chosen audience about their hand in order to gain a competitive advantage.

In conjunction with our network partner iPoker, BoyleSports Poker has introduced a highly effective Collusion Detection System (CDS). This system, tracks various elements of a players' activity, including among others:

Play history
Playing/Group combinations
Stake patterns
Final hand positions

BoyleSports Poker reserve the right to suspend (and ultimately expel) a player's account, should they determine that the player has been involved in any form of collusion. This decision is at the sole discretion of the BoyleSports Poker Room management team.

BoyleSports Poker customers should feel free to forward any concerns that they may have about fellow players and potential collusion.

3rd Party Software

By playing on BoyleSports Poker you agree to the use of permitted third party software only with the shard poker room network. Permitted software is that which monitors and displays statistics during Poker Game play, but only information that you have generated during your own poker game play. Permitted software also includes software that provides basic poker game play information, such as pot odds or hand strengths. Software that is not permitted is any software that functions or plays without the influence of a person, known commonly as a bot. This includes any software or programme which reduces the need for human intervention. Also not permitted is any software which enables datamining, observation of Poker Games as spectators over a period, with the intention of building a database of played hands. We reserve the right to terminate Your Poker Game or deny You from accessing the shared poker room should it be determined that the use of any 3rd party software that is not permitted has occurred.



Playtech's gaming software carries an official Certificate of RNG Evaluation from Technical Systems Testing (TST), an internationally recognised and respected Accredited Testing Facility (ATF).

TST has been working with industry operators, suppliers, manufactures and regulators to ensure that gaming products operate in a manner that is fair, secure and auditable, and comply with some of the world's most stringent and comprehensive legislative and regulatory requirements.

TST analyse system software and equipment, and the environments in which they operate, against manfacturers' specifications, legislative and regulatory requirements, and to generally accepted industry standards.

TST's services are delivered by a multi-disciplined team of trained computer scientists, engineers, mathematicians and information systems auditors, possessing first hand knowledge and experience in today's leading edge technologies. TST provides an impartial service that is renowned for its probity and fair dealing. It is a common belief that total impartiality of a testing facility is paramount in ensuring an unbiased evaluation.

The poker software has been extensively tested by an independent testing lab who specialise in this type of analysis, TST TECHNICAL SYSTEMS TESTING. In addition to examining the Random Number Generator (RNG) code, they run samples of 10 million hands and examine the results against statistical norms for every type of hand.

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator (usually referred to as RNG) is a hardware device used to ensure the fairness of the poker games. RNG generates a sequence of numbers which correspond to various results in all the games. Nobody can predict the next number in a series, no matter how many previously generated numbers have come out. RNG's outcome can not be modified or predicted in any way, so the results of the games are really based on a combination of luck and game skills. The results of the games coming from the RNG are not player dependent. The RNG works for the whole gaming system.

We utilise a true random number generator to ensure total game integrity, providing our players with real-time on demand transaction and game histories from within the poker software.

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